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Commercial & Residential Asphalt & Paving


Blackrock Asphalt & Paving works with commercial and residential clients throughout Saskatchewan.

Parking Lots

We can create or repave parking lots with asphalt. From small office building lots to school, churches, and large industrial size parking lots, we work with any size lot to accommodate a few to hundreds of cars. Our process includes leveling the area, pouring the asphalt, painting the spaces and other lines, and finishing it with a seal coat. We also repair old parking lots, repaving them with asphalt, filling in cracks and potholes, or repainting faded lines.


Our asphalt paving experts also pave new driveways as well as repave or repair existing driveways. From short, square driveways to long service roads, we’ll create or restore any driveway for your commercial or home property. We can also create colored driveways as requested to add a distinctive landscaping element to your home.


If you have old asphalt that is cracked, has chips or potholes, or you just want to replace it, Blackrock Asphalt & Paving also recaps with new asphalt. This can be done on parking lots, driveways, service roads, park paths, commercial walkways, and any other concrete area. Recapping smoothes out the surface and replaces faded or worn asphalt with brand new asphalt.

Seal Coating

We also offer seal coating services in Saskatchewan, which protects asphalt surfaces from sun exposure, heavy traffic, and oil spills. It is a cosmetic process that helps maintain the appearance of a surface. Seal coating should be done every 3 or 4 years and gives the surface a uniformly black color.

Highway Patch Work

Blackrock Asphalt & Paving also does some highway patch work, which includes sealing cracks with tar, filling in potholes, smoothing out bumps, and redoing small sections of the road to eliminate bumps. Our asphalt paving team works quickly to keep your driving experience smooth and pleasant.

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